Building the life you want

Building the life you want

Build the life you want, using a tailor-made plan for your goals, with built-in accountability to make sure you follow through.

Start feeling results within days.
Get hooked on building your life.

This will change the way you see the world.
Your life will be oriented towards building the life you want.

How are we going to accomplish this?

By applying Product Management methods to your life.
Methods the most successful companies in the world use, to build their products.

The basic building blocks are:

  1. You are your life’s "user".
  2. The life you want is the "outcome".
  3. Using Product Management methods we’ll build the life you want.

The process 👇🏼

  1. Figuring out what you want? - Your North Star.
  2. Making a tailor-made actionable plan to move towards your goal.
  3. Accountability - Making sure you stick with the plan. And if you don’t adjust the plan until it’s the right fit for you.
  4. Reflection - Examining the progress we're making, and tweaking based on outcomes.
  5. Repeat.

Everything in your life will pass through the filter of: “Is this moving me towards the life I want?”

Most people fail to build the life they want

Most people don't think about crafting their life, they just go with the stream. You're ahead of the field simply by thinking about this. Great work!

Common mistakes people make:

No clear definition

"I want a job I love and financial freedom". That's great, but it's not a useful definition.
Unless your dream life is something other people wouldn't want, it's not detailed enough. Be specific.

Making it up as they go

No plan. No System. No check-ins. No follow-through. No change.

Thinking they can do this by themselves

I don’t need help. I can do it by myself.”
While that might be true, you’re wasting a ton of energy, and making snail-pace progress.
There’s a reason top performers in any field have coaches.
3-minutes that will change your mind about coaches.
(here’s the full TED talk in case you liked it).
Also if that was true, how come you didn't do it so far? What's stopping you from doing it now?

Focus on the wrong things

Work on low-leverage problems, instead of solving the major bottlenecks.
Fixing the relationship with your boss is pointless if you don't want to be in this job in the first place.

No real retrospect

People don’t take the time to examine their actions and outcome. So they can keep what’s working, and change or discard what’s not working.

No sense of progress

No immediate outcome, they get discouraged and stop trying.

Looking for a one-night maker-overs

This is a building process, brick-by-brick.
It’s an evolution process, not a revolution.
If you're looking for a magic, one-and-done solution, you can close this tab right now, we’re not a good fit. If you're willing to work in order to build the life you want, keep going.

Adding, instead of removing

Doing more, working harder.
Going towards the life you want consists of two things:

  1. Doing things that will move you towards your dream life. Most people stop here.
  2. Stop doing things that are holding you back, or worse moving you away from the life you want.

Why am I the right coach for you?

I’ve been a Product Manager for over a decade.
This thinking process is hard-wired into my brain, it’s the lens through which I see the world.

A few years ago I started applying this to people’s lives and businesses, the results have been great.
I work with startup founders, small business owners, and professionals.
Basically, I love working with people and seeing them succeed 😀

Does this make sense to you?

If so select a time for us to chat. No strings attached, just a conversation to get to know each other.
Even if we don't end up working together, you'll get value from this call.

My passion is helping people move toward the life they want.
Don't hesitate to reach out! (yes, even if you don't want to book a call or work together).

Send me any questions you have about what’s stopping you from building the life you want (no strings attached).