Hi 👋🏽

My name is Eitan.

In this website you'll find thoughts from my journey, as I'm to figure out this thing called life. Mainly stuff about habit building, decision making and how to think better.

If we'll be able to teach a large amount of people to make better decisions it'll improve every aspect of human life, it's the rising tide that lift all ships.

My passions are learning new things and helping people bring the best out of themselves, if you have a question don't hesitate to reach out (@cool_idea on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email).

Applying Mental Models and thinking tools to real life decisions fascinates me, and I enjoy using it in my work at Vim, when I mentor startup founders, and Product Managers.

Lightning round:

  • On a journey to build the life I want.
  • Passionate about helping leaders build amazing teams!
  • I love deep conversations.
  • I believe that humans MUST create. It’s built into us.
  • otter.ai is just an excuse for me to talk with myself (don’t tell anyone 🤫).
  • Fan of clear communicators, and crazy ideas.
  • I live in Tel Aviv Ramat Hasharon, Israel.
  • Husband of one.
  • Father of two three wonderful kids.

I share about how to build amazing teams that make a business impact and have fun doing it. Establishing a culture of professional people that lift each other.

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