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Want to be successful? This is the most important thing

Want to be successful? This is the most important thing

*This post is a reminder for myself, but hopefully it'll help someone else.

No matter what your personal definition of success is, if you want to reach it, the most important thing is consistency.

Think of any successful person you know, in any field.
They've been doing something consistently for a long time.

You don't stumble into success, it's a long and rough journey.
You got to work past so many things that suck.
You got to overcome so many of your flaws.
You got to pick yourself up SO many times.
You got to try and try and try, until you figure out a way.

Basically you've got to go through a HUGE pile of shit before you become successful. And there's no way to get past this pile in a day. It takes a LONG time.

Greg Harden, Tom Brady's mentor, says:

“Your role is to be consistent.
Single most important word in sport is consistency”

It's amazing how the greatest athletes are all consistent (obsessed?).

Show up every single day!

Michael Phelps didn't miss a day for 5 years straight!
Gordon Ryan, arguably the best BJJ fighter ever, doesn't miss a day! No matter birthdays, holidays, weekends.

Kobe Bryant went from scoring 0 points per game, to the best player in the state within 2-years.
How'd he do it?
Consistent work 2-3 hours every day.

But how do you want something so badly that you do it every day?
Truth is I don't know.
But I'm sure you got to start and you must develop self-discipline.