Clarity & Action session

Clarity & Action session

Turn ideas into Reality, despite your procrastination!

You have projects, dreams and aspirations. The hard part? Turning them from ideas into reality.

You know you can make an impact, but you also learned the hard part is actually doing it. Consistently.
Chances are you learned this the hard way. You haven't followed through and didn't keep promises to yourself.

You sit to work. But you get pulled in a million different directions. Your to-do list is a mile long, but you just can't get yourself to sit down and do the work.
At the end of the day you made no meaningful progress.
"Where did my day go? I didn't get anything done!" 🤦🏻‍♂️😡
Another day evaporated.

So you decide to change this. You'll be more disciplined and focused. You'll follow through! No more Mr. Nice guy!

"This time it's gonna be different. This time I'll do it! I'll stick with it!"
But you don't. Again.
"What's wrong with me!? Don't I want it enough?! Why can't I focus and do the things I know I should? Why I'm not disciplined?!"

Nothing is wrong with you - We've all been there.

As Julian Weisser says:

"Knowing the world is malleable is one thing
mustering the focus to shape it is another."

Know your procrastination profile

Common reasons people don't take actions to get the outcomes they want:

  1. Lack of clarity. You don't know what to do. You don't know your next step.
  2. Lack of action. You know what to do, but for some reason you're not doing it.
  3. Lack of focus. You do too many things (or not enough of the right thing).
  4. Fear and doubt. You know what you've got to do, but are afraid of the consequences.

Which group do you fall into? Is it more than one? How many different ways and times did you try solving it yourself? How'd it go?

There's good news and bad news

The good news

It doesn't have to be this way. You can execute daily, which will add up to weeks of meaningful progress. Which roll up into months of you kicking ass!

The real mind-twister? It'll be easier. The energy you'll gain from making real progress will make it easier, you'll be happier.

My clients don't work harder. They're more effective since they don't waste time on useless actions. They don't carry a sack of stress.

The bad news

You can't do it yourself. At least not right now. You need external help. That feeling sucks! I know.

If you didn't need help you wouldn't be reading this page. Admitting you need help is tough. Asking for help is hard, but after you do ask, it's usually: "Why the hell didn't I get help sooner!? 🤦🏻‍♂️"

Truth is this isn't good or bad, it's just the way you are at this point in time.

Your change starts here!

My clients feel the impact before the end of our weekly call. They gain clarity and motivation, that sets them up for a week of impactful execution!

What they gain:

  1. Consistent weeks of meaningful progress. No more weeks with little-to-no progress towards your goals.
  2. Immediate impact. Right after our call you'll have so much clarity and energy, you'll just want to get shit done! (I suggest blocking 30 minutes after our call to process and document your thoughts).
  3. Clear and focused mind for the rest of the week.
  4. Higher energy and fulfilment.

Clarity session

Clarity sessions feel like your closet or messy storage room after you clear the mess, throw out all the unnecessary shit you've been keep for years.
Now you can actually pull out a box without a million other things falling on your head.
Some days I wish there was an ice cream flavour that would make me feel this way. Organized space, I know what I got to get done, and I'm energized to do it.
Let's GO! 💪🏼

High-level it's pretty straightforward.
We make sure you know:

  1. Vision. What you're trying to accomplish.
  2. Plan. How you'll get there.
  3. Priority. What's your top focus for the coming week.
  4. Action. Make sure you take the actions and don't get stuck.

Had enough of weeks with no real progress?

Ready to transform your weeks into impactful, fulling?
Let's make it happen!

It's totally fine if you're not there yet, use all the resources throughout the site to help you.

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