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Some days the world is a thorny place

Some days the world is a thorny place

Your current position in life is the result of:

  1. The cards you were dealt (let's call this luck) and
  2. The decisions you've made (how you played your hand)

That might be frustrating to hear (especially on those thorny days), but for me these are the days in which my ears and heart are most open.

The pain of the bad situation and my desire not to end up in a bad position again help me change my ways.

Many people started with worse cards than me, and are doing way better.
I can get bummed by this, allowing comparison to down spiral me
Use this as proof that I can make it as well.

There's nothing I can do about the cards I've been dealt, all I can do is learn to play them to the best of my abilities.

Good decisions, good people around you and you can be successful.

I find this encouraging, especially on thorny days 🤷🏻‍♂️