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Because They Challenge You

Standup comedians - Thought Leaders in Unexpected Places
Because They Challenge You

Standup comedians - Thought Leaders in Unexpected Places

I've been on a YouTube binge (again) this time my poison of choice was very potent, George Carlin and Louis C.K.

The more I watched and mainly the more I listened the more I realized that there is a public stage where the truth is being spoken, well more like shouted from the roof tops while smoking and swearing, but that doesn't matter, if you listen you’ll hear it. Sometimes it’s not the truth, sometimes you don’t agree with it or it’s harsh, sometimes you hear vile language like farts and Cinnabons, but you hear real meaningful, thought provoking, thoughts about life and the world around us.

My challenge to you is to find a similar level of thoughts by a one of the world leaders, top politicians or top corporations, if you do find please share.

The choice is endless, but here are a few tastes:

George Carlin

Relax and enjoy the show — Tell me it doesn't feel like it was filmed two hours ago. Tell me Aaron Swartz, Edward Snowden and a few others wouldn't agree with this.

Everything you’re not supposed to say — The danger of using “safe” language and being afraid of offending others. “The language laundromat” is present at every conversation we have, every email we send, is it improving our lives?

“The Sanctity of Life”

And the list goes on and on…

Louie C.K

Historical context — When have you heard something so true on Jay Leno?

If you haven’t seen “Everything's Amazing & Nobody's Happy” you've been living under a rock, welcome back to humanity WATCH THIS!

The forever empty.

He has these thoughts about parenting, diet and “Bears with F#*king fish in there teeth” and at the same time these thoughts about kids.

And the list goes on and on…

Russell Brand’s interview also has a place on this list, if you didn't watch it yet, now’s a good time. Lots of sophisticated words and even more passion.

Please share other comedians as wonderful as these guys.