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The truth is you don't know

The truth is you don't know

Jimmy Carr never imagined his jokes will save someone's life. But they did.

You don't know where your creation will end up and how it'll effect people.

Your role is to bring it into the world and spread it

The rest is up to the people who receive it and their place in life.
That's 100% out of your control.

You never know who you'll inspire, uplift, or anger.

Think of the times a song made you feel less alone, like someone a thousand miles and 100 years away, knows you.
That they also went through what you're going through.

While you were having a magical experience. Even life changing, the creator has no idea about that.
They might even think the song sucks.

What you can do

  1. Create consistently.
  2. Improve at your craft.
  3. Get better at sharing it with world.

Pay it back

The act of creation is HARD and can be scary. What you can do to help the creator is to give them a kind word (in public or private). Give them that thumbs up, a small thank you nod.

It'll light them up.


When you notice this week a creation you like, a post that resonated with you, give the creator a good word. Add positive energy to the creation cycle.

Bonus points: Do it in public, share it with more people. Add even more energy!