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Learn to ask for help from a 20yr-old Tom Brady

Like many young athletes, Brady was hungry and coachable, BUT he took it a step further. He knew he couldn't do it alone and needed to ask for help.

”It’s a rare moment when a kid would show up at my office saying 'I need some support'". That was Tom Brady, at 20 yrs old! I’m in my 40s and I struggle with this.

Greg Harden who spoke to all the freshmen on the team, but only one kept coming back for help and applied the advice.
Every week, before every game.

Brady didn't always hear what he wanted to hear. But he knew it wasn't personal. He knew that Harden was trying to help him.

Whenever the world tells you: “You’re not good enough”
The fight is how do you not take it personal and leverage it as raw material and fuel to improve yourself.

Just the first 2-minutes of this video are filled with SO MUCH things to learn about life