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Breakdown of a Product

Breakdown of a Product

The different blocks that compose a product

When people use (=hire) a product, they do so in the hope of being better in some way or aspect of their life. No one uses a product in hopes that it’ll make them worse!

Think of Products as functions that take your user from the current state (Point A) to a better future (Point B).
Point A Point B.
That little arrow between A and B? That’s your product!

What are the variables that construct a product?

Audience (A) — Who’s your target audience? What’s the beachhead? Ways to think about it, and tools to test. Is it the right audience? How do you know?

Problem (P) — What need problem Job are you solving? How are they solving it today? Did you talk to users? JTBD Interviews/Analysis!

Timing (T) — When are you solving it for them. Exact moment. Why this moment? Why you?

Resistance (R) — The amount of effort it’ll require to make your move, and the next opening/closing possibilities?
A universal force that acts against human creativity. A universal force that has one sole mission: to keep things as they are.
Hat tip to Wikipedia. And a deep bow to steven pressfield, which I heavily based this on his amazing work that gives you ways to identify and combat resistance #WarOfArt.

Each resistance point takes you away from your goal, it’s like a wind moving you away of your destination, this wind is always growing in force. You need to navigate this, control this. The purpose of understanding this force is not that we don’t act, but make sure we act in a way that moves us closer to our destination or furthers from our hell.
This is one of the mightiest forces in play. It will be there no matter what decision you’ll make, but with different strength, it’s the friction you’ll feel from your environment. This can be anything, expectations, regulators chasing you, the kid is sick, you’re having a hard day, ppl coming to you with things that don’t move you towards your goal, you have a goal? e.g. — Being able to place full surveillance 24/7/365 of a family home and in return for data and payment reduce friction from their lives. Amazing, all the big companies are angling for this data, and as much of it as possible. They will face Resistance from regulators, privacy advocates, each other, hackers, media, etc. Everyone faces it!

Aim to reduce friction between you and your goal.

Pls share your thoughts and advise and help me expand my thinking and understanding of products and how to build them.