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Daily shutdown journal - Great ROI

Daily shutdown journal - Great ROI

This daily shutdown journaling takes less than 5 minutes, but I've seen great benefits from it.

It helps me have a clearer head, less stress, more clarity and remember the good things, even on bad days. I feel more in control since I've started using it.

Plus it's really easy to implement, so I've been sticking with it for a while.
Great ROI for the time it takes to do.


The framework is straightforward

Every evening. Ideally the last thing you consume before going to sleep, take 3-5 minutes to answer these questions:

  1. One win for the day
  2. One point of tension/stress/anxiety/etc.
  3. One thing Iā€™m grateful for
  4. Most important question to go to sleep with?

I have a Notion template, so I can easily start each evening.
Some nights I even ask (bug) my wife to do it with me... šŸ˜€

Origins and credit

It's based on Sahil Bloom's 1-1-1 framework.
I added a question inspired by Josh Waitzkin's MIQ (most important questions - See footnotes) and this tweet by Dickie Bush about Gary Halbert, The highest-paid copywriter in history.

I want my brain to help me figure out things as I sleep, and I'm not interfering it...

What is the most important question (MIQ)

Me: Explain to me Josh Waitzkin concept of most important question

Josh Waitzkin, a chess player and martial artist, introduced the concept of the "most important question" as a way to approach any task or decision in life.

The idea is to ask yourself what is the one question that, if answered, would give you the most clarity or direction in a given situation.
This helps to simplify complex situations, prioritize information, and uncover the root of a problem. By focusing on the most important question, one can often find the most efficient path to success, both in terms of time and energy spent.