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Success or Comfort?

Success or Comfort?

I live in constant tension between:

Trying to balance the desire to make a splash, build a good world and life.


The desire to spend my days in a hammock doing nothing.

Sometimes I wish I'd choose one of these sides and fully commit only to it, but guess it's not my path 🤷🏻‍♂️

"The only path to growth involves discomfort."
– Drift ceo @dcancel

Question is do you want it enough to leave your comfort zone?

Growth happens outside your comfort zone.

"The only path to growth involves discomfort."

You can’t accomplish anything big without discomfort.
All successful ppl faced discomfort, they didn’t sit on a couch eat pizza and success just happened to them.
They put in A LOT of work and overcame obstacles.

So what do you want more success or comfort?