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Thoughts on the process of creation

Thoughts on the process of creation

Creating something, bringing into the world is like catching a cloud with a net.

The challenge is to focus and over time compress it, transform it from vapor into something real and tangible.

Something which captures an emotion. Solves a problem. Makes someone feel or Simply takes weight off the creators shoulders.

Trouble is clouds, like ideas are elusive and ever changing.

It's risky, messy and takes time. You won't get it on the first try.
You won't always get it.
But when you do it's SO special, it changes you, even if what you created sucks.

It's in our nature

Humans are creating creatures. It's in our nature.
We use it to solve problems, process our emotions or express ourselves. All humans do it.
Which means you're also creating in some way. Question is are you sandbagging and playing it safe, or you're putting yourself in the creation be it a plate of food, a painting or a report at work.

If you've added to it something from yourself, from your spark, your soul that's creation.
There's nothing wrong with summarizing, copying and regurgitating information. But know that it doesn't heal you the way creating something does. So you MUST find and outlet for your creation energy.


Create and publish something this week.
It must be something you're slightly scared hitting post on.

Bonus points: DM me a link to what you published and how it felt.

33 was the magic number this time...

To give you a glimpse of how hard it is for me to "capture clouds". For the visual of this post I created 33 versions, until I was happy with the outcome...

Here are some of the other good options, see some shitty ones below...

Which did you like most?

Shitty outcomes