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How self-improvement drives professional success

How self-improvement drives professional success

Self-improvement directly impacts your success in the professional realm.

Many fail to see the direct correlation between personal growth and business success. They overlook the fact that professionals challenges link directly to their habits, skills, or mindset.
They blame the boss, the market, competition or the investor. Anyone but themselves.This results in stagnation or people that grow slower than the rate at which the company is growing. Which means that within a while they won’t be helpful for the business or will be stuck in their level.

Whenever you catch yourself blaming, pause. Ask yourself: "What can I do differently to get better outcomes?"

Self-improvement can be a vague concept, hiding procrastination, and mental masturbation. But in the professional realm there’s a scoreboard letting you know if you’re improving or not.
It's your success and outcomes.

There’s a professional problem you’ve got to overcome.
This problem ties directly to your skills, habits, and systems.
If you REALLY want to overcome this challenge, you’ve got to upgrade yourself.
That means drawing a line from the business challenge to your personality, skills, and working habits.
Is this easy? Hell no!

Think of professional success as a scoreboard for your self-improvement.

Few examples

Business challenge: Not enough sales.

Personal challenge: Are you communicating clearly enough your values?
Are you listening to sales calls or are you talking too much?
Did you put in the work to identify the right target audience, and their problems?

Business challenge: Not enough time to get the work done.

Personal challenge: Were you truly focused on getting the work done? Did you prioritize the right tasks to work on?What skills, and tools should you improve to get the work done on time? How much time did you spend on your phone? How much time did you have on water cooler conversations?
Self-improvement isn't a self-indulgent lovey-dovey, hand waving act. It holds the key to remove barriers that prevent your business from thriving. The reward of such self-improvement will be business performance and success.

So, take a moment to reflect on what is currently holding you back? Is it a lack of effective communication? Is it lack of focus? What changes can you do to address these challenges and set yourself up for success?
Invest in your self-growth, you'll see the incredible impact it'll have on your personal and professional life.
You have the power to unlock your true potential and achieve the success you desire.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use challenges in your professional life to identify areas you have to grow in.
  • Recognize that these obstacles tie back to your own skills, habits, or mindset. Adopt an “it’s all on me” mindset.
  • Encourage an open discussion about this. Other people see your strengths and weaknesses WAY better than you. They’ll help you “solve” this faster.
  • Make a conscious decision to improve yourself as the solution to your business challenges.

“Outcome over ego”

If you want success, face the brutal facts your outcomes are telling you: “You’re not good enough. Yet. It’s time to grow.”
Good luck!