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Boost Your Learning: With the Double Anchor Method

Boost Your Learning: With the Double Anchor Method

How to get the most out of new knowledge and put it to use immediately.

The way we learn is similar to growing, new knowledge connects to existing knowledge. If it's not connected, it won't be retained and useful.

The Double Anchor method makes sure you connect new pieces of knowledge and put them to work for you.

The Double Anchor method

the method has 4 simple steps:

  1. Consume
  2. Capture
  3. Anchor
  4. Apply

Let's go through them quickly.

Consume for resonance, not for volume

Stop reading for sport!
I don't care how many books you read in the past year. It doesn't mean you educated yourself. That's not how knowledge works.
What matters is how many ideas stuck with you.

Read/listen/watch when you encounter an idea that resonates Stop!
You've found a nugget of gold.
Work to uncover the gold. Disregard the mud that's covering it.

Go back to consuming ONLY once you completed anchoring this idea.


Write down the idea in your own words.
Write the quote.
Write the source where you found it.

If you don't have a place in which you keep notes and ideas start now.
I suggest a digital Second Brain but do whatever works for you.

Double  Anchor it ⚓️⚓️

Now let's make sure you add this idea to your knowledge garden so that you can come back to it and enjoy its fruits.

⚓️ Anchor 1 - Write to which existing idea or concept this new idea is related and how.

️️⚓️ Anchor 2 - Write down how this idea is related to your life.
Be as specific as possible, use past or future situations this might be handy.

Apply it

Think of it as a new tool you got as a gift. Like a kid that got a new toy for Christmas. All you want to do is play with it.
Apply the idea the next day. Even if it won't work.

Do this and your retention and enjoyment of podcasts and books will shoot up.

Here's a nice way you can start putting this in action right now.

Open any book, at a random page, and read 1-page.
Take an idea from this page and Double Anchor it.


  1. Encounter an idea that resonates. Stop consuming!
  2. Write it down in your own words.
  3. Write down how it's connected to something you already know.
  4. Write down how it's related to your life.

I made a short clip demonstrating this with a random idea I found on Twitter.