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Bounce Back Sequence

Bounce Back Sequence

How to pick yourself up when you're in a slump

Below is a method you can use to pick yourself up and get out of a slump.

There’s no way around it, everyone goes through rough patches.
They might last days, weeks, or months, but the sooner you pick yourself up the better.
These rough patches are tough, but once you overcome them you come out the other side stronger.
You know yourself better.

How you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win.

– The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

The brutal facts:

  1. You will fall. You will have slumps, dips, and funks.
  2. You will overcome them. There’s a sunny side on the other side of the dip.
  3. The slump doesn't simply go away. You have to work on yourself to get out of it. (but don't work alone).
  4. When you’re in a slump you have go-to habits (see mine below).
  5. You know what helps you get out of a slump (see mine below).

Bounce Back Sequence

This is a tool to pick yourself up faster and make sure you won’t waste the lessons of the dip-[ression].
You know the things that help you recover, but you’ve never codified them, you never turned them into a tool.
Let's create a tool, you'll use when you’re down.

Steps to pick yourself up and get out of a funk

  1. Acknowledge you're down-spiraling or you're already down.
  2. List your tell signs - Staying up late, eating junk, anger, not wanting to get out of bed, etc. You know your signs. Write them down.
  3. List the actions that help you get out of a slump. The activities that fill you with energy. They're different for each person, but they are commonalities: E.g. Sleeping better, working out, and time in nature without a phone are great for almost anyone.
  4. Let’s put it together and craft your Bounce Back Sequence:
    "When I notice I’m doing [tell sign], I’ll tell myself that I’m in a slump, and will do [energizing activity]."
  5. Use it. Once you notice the tell signs, Initiate Bounce Back Sequence!

Bonus points: Reflection. Write down what was the cause for the slump, how'd you avoid it in the future, what you learned from this episode, and what you could've done better.

Here's a template for your sequence.
Download the full step-by-step guide at the bottom of the page.

Here’s my Bounce Back Sequence

Whenever I stay up late watching YouTube or playing Clash Royale OR when I get mad quickly.
I tell myself I’ve fallen, I'm in a slump 😞

Then I hear in my head, Jean Luc Picard: “Initiate bounce back sequence!”

I’ll make sure I go to bed early, meditate, and work out. I’ll put it on my calendar. To get me out of the slump.

Doing this for two days helps me get my head out of the black haze of depression. I can see the situation clearly.

Be kind to yourself!

Being in a slump is tough!
The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up. Don't do it!
I REALLY hope this will help you bounce back quicker from your slumps.
Don't hesitate to reach out!

Shot me a message if you have questions about crafting your Bounce Back Sequence, OR want to start building the life you want!

I’m easily reached on:
Email: etian.gersh@gmail.com

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