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The voices in your head are real, but they aren't necessarily right.

The voices in your head are real, but they aren't necessarily right.

The way you talk to yourself is SUPER-IMPORTANT.

We all talk to ourselves, it's called thinking.

It’s the voice we hear the most, and it’s the voice with the biggest impact on us. Listen to something enough times, and you’ll start believing it’s true.

It’s the river flowing across our mind, shaping it, leaving grooves in some parts, smoothing out others.

Talk to yourself, like some you care for.

You’d never yell at someone that they’re an idiot, failure, or a loser in their face, what’s the reason you talk this way to yourself!? You might have heard these things from your environment, but that doesn’t mean you have to talk that way to yourself, chances are it was said by people that are angry at themselves, not at you.

The next time there’s a voice in your head saying you’re a loser or a failure, or that you’ll be that way forever. Correct him/her, tell them that you’re doing your best, and you’ll do better next time.

Failing  doesn’t make you a loser or a failure, consistently not trying again does.

Tell yourself “I’m doing the best I can” (in a calm, confident tone).

Changing the tone you talk to yourself to a more forgiving accepting one will help you progress towards your goals, instead of labeling yourself with all sort of nonsense about the way you are OR aren’t. The bonus is that you’ll be a nicer more empathetic person to be around.

Give yourself a kind word at least once a day “I like the way I handled this”. Being angry at yourself doesn’t result in a positive lasting change.

You can walk with yourself hand-in-hand towards your goals, or angrily drag yourself towards a life of of bitterness, and anger.

It’s your choice, it’s all in your head. What do you choose?

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