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The most important habit - Consistency

Everything is better when  you do it consistently

Anyone successful has been consistent in some way

There isn’t a single successful person you know that hasn’t been consistent, none.

If like me you suffer from being inconsistent you’ll find this useful.

I struggle with inconsistency

  • No follow through, I start projects and don’t complete them.
  • I suffer from fluctuations in my output quality and quantity.
  • I didn’t make the progress I wanted in life.

All due to lack of consistency.

Below are things that are helping me be more consistent, which you can start using right away.

Internalizing the power of consistency

The first step was awareness of how it’s hurting me.

Not being consistent is like multiplying by zero every time.

Instead of taking one step after the other, creating momentum, I kept going back to square 1, wasting time and energy.

Realizing that Consistency is the engine that creates compound interest. Not being consistent means you’re not enjoying compound interest.

Also revisiting the self-anger that would follow from not completing a project, again…

All of these made me want to be more consistent.

Consistency is a muscle

Pick something small that you can do everyday, to start flexing it.

For me it was flossing a single tooth every day, from there I went on to flossing all my teeth, cold showers, making my bed, and lately working out every daly.

Next habit I want to cement: Publishing more consistently.

Having a plan

Knowing what I’m working towards and what’s the next step, helpes me chain days, then weeks, then months.

I know exactly the body weight, fat percentage and movement ranges I want to reach, I have a plan to follow, and for the first time in my life I’ve been able to workout consistently.

Knowing that each rep I’m doing brings me closer to my goal of being fit, flexible and without pains, helps me to embrace the suckiness of working out, and enjoy the journey.

Figuring out everyday what you should do is a waste of energy. Have a plan for what you’re trying to accomplish. That way you can either plan your days to move these goals forward, or be opportunistic whenever you’ve got a few spare moments you can make progress.

I was sitting waiting for my dentist appointment. I knew the next step for this post was the outline, so instead of doom-scrolling, or watching YouTube, I wrote the outline for this post.

Make a plan, even if it’s a bad one.

They’re always reasons not to do it

I have 3 kids, the youngest is 2 months old. In the past I’d use this as an excuse to not workout, eat junk and not do many things.

The understanding that these are excuses that are holding me back, that there’s never a perfect moment to start, helped me.

"You will find that the more successful the individual, the less inclined he is to make excuses."
-The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz (even made a visual of it)

It gets easier

I keep reminding myself that the hard part is to do it everyday.
The trouble is that you don’t feel or see the progress you’re making, but knowing each rep is bringing you closer to your goal is satisfying.

That being said I still have days which I don’t feel like putting in the work, on these days I have two options:

  1. Do a small or symbolic form of the habit (e.g. 3 reps), just to keep the chain going. OR
  2. Tell myself that I can skip tomorrow, but today I’ll do it.

These 40 seconds from Bojack Horseman have been influential.

Design the environment

Our environment is full of attention grabbing apps and devices designed to grab and keep our attention until we have to pee or run out of battery. That’s just something we have to deal with.

Canceling all my notifications, finding a place in which I can concentrate, blocking time, so I know I have the space and piece of mind to fully immerse in what I’m trying to accomplish have been huge.

Being consistent will make everything you do better

Imagine your life in 10 years if you’ll consistently make better decisions OR workout OR eat healthier. You’ll probably 10x your current situation.

I’m still struggling with consistency, but being aware of this, putting focus and effort into improving it has helped me make progress that made an impact on my life.

Still trying to figure this out, so please share what helps you be more consistent.

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