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Weekly challenge #7 - Move my body

Weekly challenge #7  - Move my body

Daily mobility exercise

This year has been the year with the least amount of movement in my life ☹️

My body knows... I started feeling pain in areas that were just fine.

Moving and using my body is something I've always done, always took part in some physical activity. Covid has made it harder, I fell off the wagon, badly!
Time to fight back!

Daily movement exercise weekly challenge here we go!

On days I do this lower body spin up by Kelly Starrett (@thereadystate) my body feels right.
Weekly challenge do it daily!

My 10-Minute Morning Mobility Routine | TRS Members
I am asked two questions a lot. Like, a lot. Do you have a simple and quick 10 minute morning mobility routine? What does your morning look like? The answer to both is actually the same. But before I dive into the goods, let me quickly explain my thinking and how my morning “practice” has evolve…

Past challenges I did

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Other thoughts

Resilience is a muscle 💪🏼
Resilience is a muscle. Work on it! Resilience means how fast do you get back up after you get knocked down. How fast do you leave all the non-helpful thoughts, emotions, plans behind youand start working on what you can and should focus on. The faster you bounce back the more successful you’ll…
Success or Comfort?
Growth happens outside your comfort zone. You can’t accomplish anything big without discomfort.All successful ppl faced discomfort, they didn’t sit on a couch eat pizza andsuccess just happened to them.They put in A LOT of work and overcame obstacles. So what do you want more success or comfort…
Less excuses mean more success
Excuses rob you of the chance to learn and grow. The less excuses you make themore and faster your grow. Hence:Less Excuses --> More success Two great quotes about hardship as a chance to learn: 1. “You will find that the more successful the individual, the less inclined he is to make exc…
Consistency is a muscle
Consistency is a muscle.Develop it! So many successful ppl quote consistency as a must have quality for success. Isuck at this, but it can be developed, so I’m working on it.You have to train your brain to put in the work everyday.It won’t just happen, you have to develop it. Start by stringi…