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Weekly challenge #10 - Cold shower! 🧊

Weekly challenge #10 - Cold shower! 🧊

I hate being cold, really, really hate it! Really++

A few years ago I took Noah Kagan's course, this was my first encounter with deliberately placing myself in Discomfort.
I did uncomfortable things before that including combat military service, university, bungee jumping and backpacking for a year around Africa on my own, and few other things. But Noah's challenges were different for me, more uncomfortable, not sure why 🤷🏻‍♂️

During the course I did a few things to get me out of my comfort zone, but the two that stuck were:

  1. Filming a video of me breaking my favorite coffee cup.
  2. Doing cold showers everyday for a week.
    I still struggle taking cold showers every morning, but they've become a habit, the day feels off if I don't do them.

Highly recommended for pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone!

My cold shower ritual

  1. I stand beneath the shower head and place my hand on the tap.
  2. I recite one of two sentences:
    [Gandalf voice 🧙🏼‍♂️] "No matter what comes through that gate, you will stand your ground." OR
    "This is not how I die, this isn't going to kill or damage me, I got this." (Somewhat dramatic I know...).
  3. Open tap on full cold.
  4. Stress and tense due to the freezing water.
  5. Breath attentively, calm my breath, and relax.
  6. Take 2-3 full calm deep breaths.
  7. Congratulate myself on completing my shower daily goal.
  8. Stay under the freezing water a few more moments (some days I can stand few minutes, some days I close the tap right away).
  9. Close tap.

Scene 😂

It's like getting a jolt of energy through your body, fills me with energy for the rest of the day, and fills me with confidence that I can face and take on hardship.

Fills me with confidence I can take on hardship and discomfort, and I know I can relax even in tough situations.

This is one of the most recommended things to get started with pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.
Trust me stick with it for a while and you'll develop a wonderful Love<>Hate relationship with your morning cold showers.

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