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Weekly challenge #11 - Practicing gratitude

Weekly challenge #11 - Practicing gratitude

It's easy to focus on the bad, and forget all the good things I have.

The fact I'm healthy, have a safe roof over my head, got a full belly and have fast wi-fi shouldn't be taken for granted!

For the coming week once my head hits pillow, I'll tell myself something I'm grateful for. It can be a meal I had, or a conversation I had, or just playing with my kids in the sun.

Making sure that I don't let the bad drawn all the good things. It's so easy to take for granted how much I have, remind it to myself.

After all I am at the top 1% of the luckiest people to EVER live.

I'm pretty lucky, trying not to forget this.

Here's the tweet about this challenge and others I've done.

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