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Stop repeating your mistakes

Stop repeating your mistakes

Use this Product Management concept to improve your outcomes, and break harmful patterns.

When it comes to having a happy and fulfilling life most people miss the mark because of a few main reasons:

  1. They didn't define the life they want. No North Star
  2. Numbing the pain.
    Shopping, TV, video games, social media, junk food, alcohol, weed, and a gazillion other things. All with the purpose to hide the fact you’re not happy with your life.
  3. Not taking action.
    Dreaming, talking, planning, but not doing anything to make it a reality.
  4. Repeating the same mistakes. Stuck in their own patterns.
The goal is to make new mistakes, not repeat old ones.

Let’s sparkle some Product Management fairy dust to identify the patterns you’re stuck in and act to resolve them.

Successful product teams regularly conduct retrospects to make sure they’re improving. These take place every few weeks, each team has its own cadence and format.
The idea is to look at what we did and learn from it.
Keep the good, throw away the bad.

The format is pretty basic, but powerful in flushing issues.

  1. What do you want to accomplish?
  2. Did your actions move you toward it? Are you getting the results you want?
  3. What should you: Stop doing? Do more of? Start doing?
  4. Set clear action items with due dates and an owner.  
  5. Next session - Start with reviewing the action items.

The retrospect surfaces things that aren’t working well and repeated mistakes. Look for the root cause and patterns you’re stuck in.

Often without the retrospect, you don’t notice the patterns.

Once a week/month sit down and review the actions you took. What worked? What didn’t? Pat yourself on the back and keep pushing!

If possible don't retrospect alone.
Doing this alone places you in a prime position to fool yourself. And as the saying goes:

“You must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.”
– Richard Feynman

Hope this will help get rid of harmful patterns and move you toward the life you want.

Good luck!