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Why I'm going to post an essay every day for 30 days?

I want to help more people.

Here's how I think I can do it.

Whenever someone says I helped them make progress, or get unstuck I'm over the moon! 🌙
I’m proud of them and myself, I feel part of their journey and success.

The human animal is a creating animal, it’s part of us.
Each of us has a different creation outlet, but we all output something.
My preferred outlet is sharing and creating knowledge in others (AKA teaching), packaging ideas in a way that helps people build on top of them and make progress.

Success (whatever your personal definition is) can be accomplished by focusing on 3 qualities:

Consistency - Putting in the work for long amount of time.

Adapting your actions based on the Feedback you get (or don’t get) from the world.

Getting used to Discomfort, doing things outside your comfort zone.

I’ve been working-out my Mental Conditioning, doing “Push up’s for my brain” for a few years now improving these qualities.

In the next 30 days I’ll write about the methods and ideas I developed to improve my Mental Conditioning, heavily based on thought frameworks I borrowed from my professional worlds of System Thinking and Product Management.

This is going to be tough! The kind of mind workout I like! 🧠💪🏼

If you want to improve your thinking and habits, doing “push-ups for the brain”, I’d be more than happy if you followed along giving me feedback and encouragement, helping me sharpen my ideas.

#Ship30for30 - Day 1

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