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Stop breaking promises to yourself

Stop breaking promises to yourself

I wanted to share something that's made a huge difference in my life - accountability.

I used to have a hard time sticking to my goals and following through. But once I started holding myself accountable, it changed.
For me, accountability means doing what I said I will. Consistently.
I used to be really good at making excuses for why I didn't follow through with my plans and projects. But once I started holding myself accountable, I had to face the harsh reality of not being effective.
It’s gut-wrenching at times, but it’s a powerful mirror.

Having an accountability system puts it right in my face:
What I said I’d do vs. What I actually did.

Breaking promises to yourself is the easiest thing to do

An accountability system helped me reduce the promises I broke to myself.
I'm far from perfect.
There are times when I don’t follow through on my plans. But now I get a weekly wake-up call that I have to get back on track toward the life I want.

I'm proud to say that I’m taking action toward the life I want.
I’m creating consistently. I get angry less, and I started taking coaching clients. Accountability is a major part of this.

The biggest benefit is feeling my life is in alignment:
What I want,
What I say,
and what I do
Point towards the same North Star.

An accountability system consists of:

  1. Knowing the outcome you want. (your North Star).
  2. Defining specific actions with a timeframe. (Your plan).
  3. Reflecting on what worked and what didn't.
  4. Setting goals for the coming week/month/year.
  5. Repeat

I highly suggest adding these to your calendar, so you stick with them.

So if you're not seeing the results you want, I highly encourage you to add more accountability to your life.
It'll be challenging at first, but it'll change your life.

If you want help creating your accountability system, simply reply to this message, with any questions you have.
Together, we can make sure you follow through and move toward the future you want for yourself.

Don't settle for a life of regrets. Take control and start building the life you want.

(if you don’t know what you want this might help, OR you can start by avoiding the life you don’t want)