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What are you willing to wake up for at 5am?

What are you willing to wake up for at 5am?

What are you willing to jump out of bed when it's cold, dark and you're tired?

He, who has a why to live for, can bear with almost any how.
Viktor Frankl

I've failed to get this habit to stick a few times over the years.
I hate waking up early in the morning. Especially in winter!
"I'm just not a morning person", was my mantra (cough, cough, excuse...).

If only I could start my day early and get a head start before the kids wake up, before the world starts pulling me in all directions, before I lose focus.
I’d workout, meditate and be a better version of myself.

But I kept failing at it.

Lately during my daily shutdown process, I’ve been thinking about how do people I know wake up at 5am and go running? Why did I fail at doing this?
What goal am I willing to get out of bed at 5am for?

I didn’t have an answer to the questions for a few weeks.
One morning it hit me.
I’d be willing to wake up at 5am for the life I want. For the life I wish for me and my family.

Suddenly like magic for the past few weeks I’ve been waking up at 5am to 6am, no alarm, I just open my eyes, check the clock, it’s 5:23, I tell myself "It's for the life you want" and I get out of bed.

This also made it easier to go to bed earlier, which is a must for me if I want to wake up early.


You must figure out your Why, the purpose to get out of bed, otherwise anything you'll try won't work. You'll stick with it for a while, but with time, and hardship you'll stop doing it.

Keeping your self accountable and focused is really hard. I know that I need external accountability to keep me focused and help me persist.

For that reason I use a few tools to keep me focused, help me flush out my thoughts and feelings:

I wrote the outline for this post at 6am after I did my morning routine of stretching and meditation.

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